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Shannon Park Stud 0435 Bay Colt Stormy's Son Ellyblue CLIFFORD HOWE WA $2000
Mogumber Park (As Agent) 0436 Bay Filly Reset Emme LES JENSEN WA $4000
Mogumber Park (As Agent for Rossi Thoroughbreds) 0437 Black or Brown Filly Vain Rancher Enchanted Air ROBERT MCCAHON WA $2000
Starline Park 0438 Chestnut Colt Kendel Star Epithet IAN GLADING WA $3000
Millendon Stud 0439 Bay Filly Saxon Essentiality BRIAN FERNANDO WA $1750
Asprey Thoroughbred Stud 0440 Brown Filly Ihtiram Eucla MICHAEL FLANNERY BLOODSTOCK WA $14000
Mungrup Stud 0441 Bay Colt Due Sasso Eureka Gold Withdrawn
Parkview Thoroughbreds 0442 Chestnut Filly Cape North Fast Dynasty DAWN KNOX WA $10000
Parkview Thoroughbreds 0443 Chestnut Filly State City Fast Handover GRAHAM CORNELL WA $4000
Durham Lodge (As Agent) 0444 Brown Colt Bel Esprit Fleetness STEPHEN ROWE WA $9000
Starline Park 0445 Chestnut Colt State City Fly Fonteyn ALLEN ASHWORTH WA $2000
Dimasi, P. A. 0446 Bay or Brown Colt Vain Rancher Fornew BRENT LARSSON WA $10000
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0447 Brown Colt McFlirt French Vanilla MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT WA $12000
Parkview Thoroughbreds 0448 Brown Colt Cape North From Above MURRAY SHARP WA $7000
Evergreen Lodge 0449 Bay Filly Zedrich Full Pass PETER GIADRESCO WA $6000
Alwyn Park Stud 0450 Bay Colt Bearcat Gattling Rosie Psd $36000 Res $45000
Balmoral Park (As Agent) 0451 Black or Brown Filly Investor's Dream Gift Wrap VERBAL NOMINEES PTY LTD WA $3500
Korilya Stud 0452 Bay Filly Natural Blitz Givem Heaps PETER GIADRESCO WA $4500
Touchstone Farm (As Agent) 0453 Bay Filly Helenus Glenn's Girl Psd $19000 Res $20000
Toreby Park 0454 Bay Colt Hurricane Sky Glen Willow DARRYN PATEMAN WA $5000
Sovereign Thoroughbreds 0455 Brown Filly Wily Trader Gorgeous Gussy Withdrawn
Taunton Vale 0456 Chestnut Filly Bearcat Harmony Express MARK BAYLISS WA $18000
De Grey Park 0457 Bay Filly Helenus Harp GAVIN FOSTER WA $1000
Farrell, K. 0458 Chestnut Colt Zedrich Heather's Treasure Psd $4500 Res $5000
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0459 Bay Colt Blackfriars Helping Susan STEVEN DUNNING WA $7500
Korilya Stud (As Agent) 0460 Bay or Brown Colt Star Pak Hurupun COMMERCIAL BLOODSTOCK SERVICES PTY LTD WA $5500
Bellbridge Park 0461 Brown Colt Hartley's Spirit Iron Queen BRENT LARSSON WA $34000
Karnup Stud 0462 Bay Filly Blackfriars Isolated Lass GLYN TATTUM WA $8500
Rodgers, D. N. & Geddes, T. S. 0463 Bay Colt Medal of Honor Ivory Fan Withdrawn
Parkview Thoroughbreds 0464 Black or Brown Colt Vain Rancher Joyce Marie Psd $7000 Res $10000
Parkview Thoroughbreds 0465 Chestnut Filly Zedrich Juicy Secret MURRAY WARD WA $4000
Mungrup Stud 0466 Bay Colt Eternity Range Justatrice Withdrawn
Rosewood Thoroughbreds 0467 Brown Colt Oratorio Keepeth Withdrawn
Salisbury Park Stud 0468 Chestnut Filly Bearcat Killaloe Cait Withdrawn
Parkview Thoroughbreds 0469 Black or Brown Filly Vain Rancher Kind Touch TRISH ROBERTS WA $6500
Fox Farm (As Agent) 0470 Brown Colt Investor's Dream Kingship Girl Withdrawn
Kintore Stud 0471 Brown Colt Medal of Honor Kintore's Luck PREMIUM BLOODSTOCK SERVICES WA $6500
Korilya Stud (As Agent) 0472 Bay Colt Bletchley Park Kopek STEPHEN ROWE WA $20000
Salisbury Park Stud (As Agent) 0473 Chestnut Colt Carpanetto Lacy Knickers RICK SHENTON WA $3500
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0474 Bay or Brown Colt Stormy's Son Lady Champas K L CHONG MALAYSIA $4000
Rivercrest Farm (As Agent for J.A. Lewis) 0475 Bay Colt Conatus Lady Clara Withdrawn
Nuimara Farm 0476 Chestnut Filly Cape North Lady of Fimiston ALLEN ASHWORTH WA $5500
Trueantallan Lodge 0477 Bay or Brown Colt Medal of Honor Lady of Quality K L CHONG MALAYSIA $3000
Mymoolah Stud 0478 Bay Filly Startac Lie With Me ARTHUR NORTH WA $1750
Taunton Vale 0479 Brown Filly Bearcat Life Story MARK BAYLISS WA $13000
Mungrup Stud (As Agent) 0480 Bay Filly Oratorio Light Brown Sugar MICHAEL SHEEHY WA $10000
Korilya Stud 0481 Bay Filly Helenus Lovely Views MATT DAQUI WA $2000
Logan, M. & Cross, B. 0482 Black or Grey Colt Key Business Lunar Smile K L CHONG MALAYSIA $13000
Nuimara Farm 0483 Brown Colt Al Samer Lunartilla JODY ORAM WA $5500
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0484 Chestnut Colt McFlirt Macular BRUCE WATKINS WA $19000
Blackwatch Stud 0485 Bay Colt State City Macy Withdrawn
Sovereign Thoroughbreds 0486 Bay Filly Econsul Madame Misty JOE CRUPI WA $5000
Rivercrest Park (As Agent) 0487 Chestnut Colt Magic of Sydney Madame Toussaud Withdrawn
Greenfields Lodge 0488 Bay or Brown Colt Carpanetto Madame Zafirah Psd $4000 Res $6000
Cromartry Park 0489 Bay or Brown Filly Investor's Dream Magic Crystals VERBAL NOMINEES PTY LTD WA $2500
Greenfields Lodge 0490 Chestnut Colt Carpanetto Magic Number Psd $5000 Res $10000
Evergreen Lodge 0491 Bay Colt Zedrich Magic Puff Withdrawn
Dimasi, P. A. 0492 Black Filly Vain Rancher Manzi Belle C SAYERS WA $12000
Parkview Thoroughbreds 0493 Brown Colt Cape North Meteor Lass Withdrawn
Durham Lodge (As Agent) 0494 Brown Colt Blackfriars Mimosa Park JODY ORAM WA $4500
Fox Farm (As Agent) 0495 Chestnut Colt Akhenaton Minimoon Withdrawn
Nuimara Farm 0496 Bay or Brown Colt Cape North Miss Cherub Psd $7000 Res $10000
Evergreen Lodge 0497 Bay Colt Zedrich Miss Geisha K L CHONG MALAYSIA $2250
Greenfields Lodge 0498 Black or Grey Colt Stormy's Son Miss Katie May Psd $1000 Res $2000
Lammie, B. 0499 Bay Colt Blackfriars Miss Martini MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT WA $12000
Durham Lodge (As Agent) 0500 Bay Colt Hurricane Sky Miss Seletar KEVIN O'ROURKE WA $2000
Martella, M. & Italiano, A. 0501 Bay Filly Pure Theatre Miss Zanardi Psd $1000 Res $2000
Blackwatch Stud 0502 Brown Filly Balestrini Money Spinner MICHAEL SHEEHY WA $7500
Nuimara Farm 0503 Bay Colt Cape North Moomba Queen Withdrawn
Mogumber Park (As Agent for Rossi Thoroughbreds) 0504 Bay or Brown Filly Cape North More Dangerous VERBAL NOMINEES PTY LTD WA $1500
Global Breeding Farms 0505 Bay or Brown Colt Saxon Mukabond RYAN GIELINGH WA $4000
Mymoolah Stud 0506 Bay Colt Redoutable My Elusive Lass TOM KELLY WA $1500
Balmoral Park (As Agent for M. J. Cox) 0507 Bay Colt De Troy My Wishing Star IAN SHIELD WA $1000
Dimasi, P. A. 0508 Bay Colt Mosayter National Glory Psd $10000 Res $14000
Greenfields Lodge 0509 Bay Colt Danerich Noble Prowess Psd $7000 Res $12000
Rangeview Stud 0510 Black or Brown Colt Key Business Oceanic Storm COMMERCIAL BLOODSTOCK SERVICES PTY LTD WA $1500
Castle Downs Thoroughbreds 0511 Bay Colt Citidancer Old Sugar PAIGE KENNEY WA $2000
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0512 Chestnut Filly McFlirt Oleander SHANE EDWARDS WA $5000
Taunton Vale 0513 Chestnut Filly Bearcat Once Upon a Crime MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT WA $12000
Easton, C. 0514 Bay Colt Hurricane Sky Opio Miss Withdrawn
Toreby Park 0515 Bay Filly State City Oui C'Est Moi BRAD DAVISON WA $5000
Shannon Park Stud 0516 Bay Filly Oratorio Our Shannon Psd $9500 Res $12500
Cheval Stud 0517 Brown Filly Comfy Our Sunshine PHILLIP KING WA $9000
Cromartry Park (As Agent) 0518 Brown Colt Redoutable Outdoor Girl Psd $11000 Res $13000
Rangeview Stud 0519 Bay Filly Natural Blitz Outward Display ROBERT HO WA $4500
Keep, B. 0520 Bay Filly Zedrich Pandani MARK BAYLISS WA $11000
Korilya Stud 0521 Black Colt Nothing to Lose Penny SHANE EDWARDS WA $11000
Alwyn Park Stud 0522 Chestnut Colt State City Perfect Princess GARRY MCPHERSON WA $6000
FMC Racing 0523 Chestnut Colt State City Philatelist DONALD DANIELS WA $3500
Bellbridge Park 0524 Chestnut Filly Hartley's Spirit Picadilly Arcade ERIN STEPHENS WA $13000
Phylarba Stud 0525 Bay Colt Love a Dane Platinum Strip Withdrawn
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0526 Bay Colt Ihtiram Play the Whistle BILL MALLAND WA $6500
Highlight Lodge 0527 Bay Filly State City Polish Spirit A & AE WALKER WA $8500
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0528 Bay Colt McFlirt Polivista MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT SINGAPORE $8500
Fox Farm (As Agent for Hawthornden Farm) 0529 Bay Filly Mr. Prosperous Poor No More Withdrawn
Greenfields Lodge 0530 Chestnut Colt Hurricane Sky Power Point DONALD HAMMARQUIST WA $2000
Rosewood Thoroughbreds 0531 Black or Grey Colt McFlirt Prima Attrice Withdrawn
Durham Lodge 0532 Bay Filly Hurricane Sky Pseudo WILLIAM ROBINSON WA $5000
Nuimara Farm (As Agent) 0533 Grey Colt Akhenaton Queanbeyan Psd $6000 Res $9000
KP Thoroughbreds (As Agent) 0534 Bay Colt Saxon Reclaiming Psd $9000 Res $15000
Mungrup Stud 0535 Bay Colt McFlirt Recoverable Withdrawn
Rocliffe Stud 0536 Bay Filly Helenus Red Hot Royal VERBAL NOMINEES PTY LTD WA $4500
Parkview Thoroughbreds (As Agent) 0537 Grey Filly Akhenaton Red Tracy ARTHUR NORTH WA $6000
Korilya Stud (As Agent) 0538 Bay Colt Natural Blitz Reeba Princess Withdrawn
Cromartry Park 0539 Bay Filly Lords a Leaping Regal Pago KEITH SIMPSON WA $5000
Evergreen Lodge 0540 Chestnut Colt Zedrich Request a Fly-By MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT SINGAPORE $12500
Greenfields Lodge 0541 Bay or Brown Filly Carpanetto Roaster Psd $1000 Res $2000
Giles, L. 0542 Bay Filly Lord Dane Rock on Casbah MARK BAYLISS WA $3500
Fox Farm (As Agent) 0543 Bay or Brown Colt Redoutable Rose of Grace Withdrawn
Taunton Vale (As Agent) 0544 Chestnut Colt Numerous Times Rough Patch Psd $2300 Res $5000
Koodiewoodie Grazing 0545 Bay Colt Fighting Falcon Salamanca Place Psd $2500 Res $4000
Balmoral Park (As Agent for M. J. Cox) 0546 Brown Filly Kempinsky Satan's Kiss CRAIG BERMINGHAM WA $3500
Cromartry Park (As Agent) 0547 Brown Filly Palace Reign Scared Stiff Psd $4500 Res $6000
Greenfields Lodge 0548 Chestnut Colt Hold That Tiger Scenic Pearl ALLEN ASHWORTH WA $2000
Rivercrest Park (As Agent) 0549 Bay or Brown Colt Benicio Scherzi Withdrawn
Mungrup Stud (As Agent) 0550 Bay Colt Due Sasso Shady MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT SINGAPORE $22000
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0551 Chestnut Colt McFlirt She's Starkers Psd $19000 Res $20000
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0552 Bay or Brown Filly McFlirt Shooz DAVID HARRISON WA $17000
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0553 Bay Filly Comfy Shown GIUSEPPE ITALIANO WA $3000
Bawara Stud 0554 Bay Filly Saxon Sister Mary Lu STEPHEN ROWE WA $4500
Rivercrest Park (As Agent) 0555 Bay Colt State City Sleek Tonique GRANTHAM HORSE TRANSPORT WA $1500
Cheval Stud 0556 Bay Colt Saxon Smile You're On ARTHUR NORTH WA $1000
Mungrup Stud 0557 Chestnut Colt Comfy Sophie's Waltz Withdrawn
Durham Lodge (As Agent) 0558 Brown Colt Blackfriars Speed School K L CHONG MALAYSIA $26000
Global Breeding Farms 0559 Bay Filly Saxon Spell on You STEPHEN ROWE WA $5500
Grange Thoroughbreds 0560 Chestnut Filly Gonski Squinch Withdrawn
Cromartry Park 0561 Bay Colt Lords a Leaping Staindrop THOMAS CURNOW VIC $4000
Heytesbury Stud 0562 Bay Colt Saxon Strike Twice CHARLES HALLIDAY WA $2000
Rocliffe Stud 0563 Bay Filly Ihtiram Striking Girl Psd $20000 Res $30000
Navajo Plains Horse Stud 0564 Black Filly Balestrini Supranto Withdrawn
Parkview Thoroughbreds (As Agent) 0565 Chestnut Filly Vain Rancher Surprise Bay Psd $7000 Res $10000
Touchstone Farm (As Agent) 0566 Bay Filly Helenus Sweepstakes Psd $4500 Res $5000
Rivercrest Farm (As Agent for J. A. Lewis) 0567 Chestnut Colt Bearcat Swift Justice Withdrawn
Castle Downs Thoroughbreds 0568 Bay Filly Citidancer Talaq Angel Withdrawn
Yarradale Stud (As Agent) 0569 Bay Filly Flying Pegasus Tamanrasset Psd $14000 Res $15000
Coronation Thoroughbreds 0570 Bay Filly Medal of Honor Tell Me Do Psd $3000 Res $4000
Rivercrest Farm (As Agent for J. A. Lewis) 0571 Chestnut Colt Bearcat Tesco Magic Withdrawn
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0572 Bay Filly Helenus The Beautiful One W OLSTHOORN WA $1000
Cityview Stud 0573 Bay Filly Al Samer Thurayah Psd $5000 Res $8000
Parkview Thoroughbreds 0574 Brown Colt Cape North Tirolessa JOANNE MADAFFARI WA $4500
Taunton Vale 0575 Brown Colt Numerous Times Tribal Dynasty Psd $6000 Res $10000
Greenfields Lodge 0576 Bay or Brown Colt Blackfriars Trophy Girl Psd $4000 Res $8000
Heytesbury Stud 0577 Chestnut Colt Startac True Pixie GRANT WILLIAMS WA $15000
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0578 Chestnut Colt McFlirt True Toranni SHANE PLUMB WA $20000
Namerik Thoroughbreds 0579 Bay Colt Purewin Typical BROOKE TREMAIN WA $2000
White, H. 0580 Bay or Brown Colt Theatre Unique Rose WILLIAM ROBINSON WA $17000
Navajo Plains Horse Stud 0581 Bay Filly Cape North Vivano Withdrawn
Rangeview Stud (As Agent) 0582 Bay Filly Blackfriars Vixen Withdrawn
Grange Thoroughbreds 0583 Bay Filly Danerich Vodka Twist Withdrawn
Mungrup Stud (As Agent) 0584 Bay Colt Untouchable Warshawsky K L CHONG MALAYSIA $34000
Korilya Stud (As Agent) 0585 Brown Filly Dubai Destination Who Rang Psd $7500 Res $8000
Phylarba Park (As Agent) 0586 Bay Colt Love a Dane Windbourne Music Withdrawn
Bellbridge Park 0587 Bay Filly Hartley's Spirit Wishful Memory BRETT MCCARTHY WA $6000
De Grey Park (As Agent) 0588 Bay Colt Flying Pegasus Zabanda Psd $5000 Res $10000
Rocliffe Stud 0589 Brown Colt Ihtiram Zipido GEOFFREY BUNCE WA $4000
Cheval Stud 0590 Brown Filly Bearcat Zipster MARK HARVEY WA $12500
Dimasi, P. A. 0591 Brown Colt Mosayter Almost Famous Psd $1000 Res $2000
Little Dream Lodge 0592 Brown or Grey Filly Courvoisier Alpha Nova ARTHUR NORTH WA $5000
Salisbury Park Stud 0593 Bay or Brown Colt Oratorio Amylase IAN GLADING WA $12000
Canardly Stud 0594 Chestnut Filly Hurricane Sky Aqua Rossa Psd $3500 Res $4000
De Grey Park 0595 Bay Filly Danewin Aradah PREMIUM BLOODSTOCK SERVICES WA $22000
Namerik Thoroughbreds 0596 Chestnut Filly Brocco Araneid KEVIN DONNELLY WA $3000
Bellbridge Park 0597 Bay Filly State City Arcade Game Psd $2500 Res $3000
Kintore Stud 0598 Bay Filly Saxon Argentine Rose BARRY NEWNHAM WA $4000
Greenfields Lodge 0599 Chestnut Filly Falvelon Ascot Lady DESMOND RODGERS WA $3000
Korilya Stud 0600 Bay or Brown Colt Surtee Backpak PREMIUM BLOODSTOCK SERVICES WA $12000
Lammie, B. 0601 Chestnut Filly Brocco Bananas Psd $3500 Res $5000
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0602 Bay Filly Hurricane Sky Belle's Angel CLAYTON SCOBY-SMITH WA $1250
Salisbury Park Stud 0603 Bay or Brown Filly Bearcat Bibi Wonder COMMERCIAL BLOODSTOCK SERVICES PTY LTD WA $4500
Mogumber Park (As Agent for Rossi Thoroughbreds) 0604 Chestnut Colt McFlirt Bidding Bells GREENSIDE THOROUGHBREDS WA $4750
Nuimara Farm 0605 Brown Filly Cape North Blue Ballerina Psd $8000 Res $10000
Heytesbury Stud (As Agent) 0606 Bay Colt Delago Brom Briar Withdrawn
Namerik Thoroughbreds 0607 Chestnut Filly Numerous Times Broglio BRETT POPE WA $4500
Global Breeding Farms (As Agent) 0608 Bay or Brown Colt Eternity Range Bunny Rug K L CHONG MALAYSIA $3750
Phylarba Stud 0609 Bay or Brown Filly Love a Dane Business Lady Withdrawn
Durham Lodge 0610 Chestnut Filly Hurricane Sky Caitie-Eb ALAN MACALISTER WA $6000
Sovereign Thoroughbreds 0611 Bay Filly Dubleo Caledonia Rose Withdrawn
Rangeview Stud (As Agent) 0612 Chestnut Colt Zentsov Street Care to Dream K L CHONG MALAYSIA $6500
Cityview Stud 0613 Brown or Grey Colt Tsuimai Ceptor Smile MATT DAQUI WA $6000
Alwyn Park Stud (As Agent for W. J. Treasure) 0614 Brown Filly Helenus Chancery Magic FRED KERSLEY WA $4500
Toreby Park (As Agent) 0615 Brown Colt Comfy Chanihi MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT WA $4500
Grange Thoroughbreds 0616 Black or Brown Colt Court of Jewels Cica Cica Boom Withdrawn
Canardly Stud 0617 Bay Filly Saxon City Snitch Psd $1000 Res $2000
Nuimara Farm (As Agent) 0618 Bay Colt State City Classic Look Withdrawn
Quanah Park Thoroughbreds 0619 Chestnut Gelding Key Business Coded PETER CROSS WA $5500
Millendon Stud 0620 Bay Filly Citidancer Comes the Dawn TASH COLEMAN NSW $1000
Fox Farm (As Agent) 0621 Bay Filly Redoutable Condor's Rose Withdrawn
Dimasi, P. A. 0622 Bay or Brown Colt Mosayter Corporate Pixie Withdrawn
Blackwatch Stud 0623 Brown Filly Ihtiram Corrino JONATHON JACHMANN WA $4500
Greenfields Lodge 0624 Chestnut Filly Carpanetto Cracker Thunder Psd $6000 Res $10000
Fox Farm (As Agent) 0625 Chestnut Filly Akhenaton Crowd Stopper Withdrawn
Canardly Stud 0626 Bay Filly Hurricane Sky Crystal Coins Withdrawn
Mogumber Park (As Agent) 0627 Chestnut Colt McFlirt Cumulonimbus JARROD HALL WA $4500
Baker, J. M. 0628 Bay or Grey Colt Akhenaton Dancer's Belle Psd $4000 Res $8000
Starline Park 0629 Bay Colt Hurricane Sky Danish Withdrawn
Cheval Stud 0630 Bay Colt Saxon Dawn Chorus PETER GIADRESCO WA $23000
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