Equine International Airfreight

Equine International Airfreight specialises in worldwide door to door horse transport services using an all-inclusive price structure.

Our full logistics management system, provides owners with a reliable, trouble free service that uses the safest international airlines ensuring every horse arrives in great condition.

We also offer insurance broker & foreign exchange services that can provide great benefits to our clients.

With the personalised service of our experienced staff and flying grooms you can trust that Equine International Airfreight make ‘YOUR horse our PRIORITY!’

Ph: +61 2 8817 0300  Fax: +61 2 9888 9179

Instone Asia

Instone Asia specialises in international transport for horses, cattle and other livestock species. This quarter-century of activity has enabled Instone Asia to amass a wealth of experience and to pioneer new and undeveloped markets, while maintaining its acknowledged transport skills and expertise.

Ph: + 61 2 4872 3888


IRT is the most trusted International horse transport company in the world.  We have been transporting livestock around the globe since 1972 and have steadily built our broad, but intimate global network ever since. Today IRT is called upon to move all sorts of horses, to every corner of the globe… from competition and racing horses, to rare, special breeds and family pets. On average IRT has at least one horse in transit, for every hour of the day!

Ph: +61 3 9643 3000 Fax: +61 3 9643 3030