Online Bidding Information

The onsite experience at an auction is hard to match, we understand you can’t always make it to the auction or have to leave early. Online bidding or phone bidding is the answer.

  1. Initial registration is required to bid online and obtain a bidder id (this is required even if you already have an account).
  2. Once registered you have to seek Bidding Approval which you can do by completing the online form to the right of the sale.
  3. Login and bid. You will be able to bid up to your approved online bidding limit.

Note: The same bidder id is valid for live auctions in the sales ring and online web/digital only auctions. There is no need to register for both types of auctions.

Warning: If you login with a second device using the same bidder ID, that will stop the first device from being able to bid. The reason we don’t block the second (most recent) connection is you may need to quickly recover from a bad Internet connection. We recommend using one device at a time and logging out if you wish to switch devices.

How to Register Video (Sales Ring)

If you have questions you can call or email [email protected] or for technical assistance [email protected]

Example Screens for Online Sales Ring

Above is an example of the bidding screen(s). There is a window area for the live video stream on the left, details about the horse in the middle with a link to the pedigree.

The important area is on the right. It shows the current price, a large button which shows the asking price or status of your bid (if you are winning).

The layout may vary depending on the screen size of your device. We recommend desktop/laptop computers for the best experience with a modern web browser such as Chrome or Safari.

Mobile devices will work but don’t have the computing capacity to stream video without additional buffering. Buffering increases the delay time (or latency) of the video and audio making it more difficult to follow the action.

In both cases we recommend playing attention to the text display of the price that is next to the bidding button as it’s closer to real time.

Credit Terms

If you require terms for payment, please check with our finance staff before a sale. Be sure your credit agreement is up to date. Terms for payment can change between sales and depending on the type of sale. Online only (digital) sales may require payment on the day.

Email [email protected] to discuss or call 07 5504 1200.

Online Bidding Limit

Bidding limits are requested when registering and you can change it (subject to approval). This is not the same as credit, the limit is a cut off for an online purchase and credit is factor considered when a limit is approved. It’s best to think of this like a daily transfer limit on a bank account.

Phone Bidding Information

If bidding online is not something you feel comfortable with, you can watch our live stream on our website and phone your bids in to a bloodstock agent.

Please complete an appointment of agent form and discuss your wishes with your agent prior to the selling day.

If a Magic Millions agent has been requested you will get a direct number to contact your bloodstock agent. Pay attention to the agent on the phone as viewing a video online will introduce a delay. We recommend turning the sound off on your computer/device to avoid echo and feedback on the phone call.