X-Ray Repository

Repository Locations

Gold Coast: Behind Sales Day Office
Adelaide: Near Sales Day Office
Perth: Next Door to Sales Day Office
Tasmania: See staff for viewing

SaleDateX-Raying May CommenceLodge BeforeAccession PrefixAccession Example
2019 Gold Coast 2YOs In Training Sale14 -15 October 201924 September 201911 October 201919GRT19GRT-0073
2020 Gold Coast Yearling Sale8 – 14 January 20201 December 20194 January 202020GPR20GPR-0981
2020 Gold Coast Summer Racehorse Sale14 January 202020 December 20198 January 202020GMG20GMG-1104

Repository Access

Access is restricted to registered vets for the purpose of examining a set of X-Rays for a potential buyer.  Details will be provided upon registration for repository access.

Remote Access Link

If you have forgotten your password please contact the repository staff via phone or email [email protected]

New Users

Please complete the Registration Form only registered Vets will be accepted.

Magic Millions Repository Terms & Conditions

In order to use our repository systems, you must abide by the terms and conditions.

 Full Terms and Conditions

Technical Information

For remote viewing an up to date HTML5 compatible web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari.  Most mobile devices are able to view the X-Rays remote.  Keep in mind viewing X-Rays is far better on devices with a larger, high quality screen for diagnostic purposes.

Submitting a study

To submit a study online please click on the link below to download the Keystone Community Software.  If you have not submitted using this software before you will be given the option to register and upload a study directly to the Magic Millions repository.  We recommend an Internet connection with an upload speed of 1mbit/s or higher.  You can queue many studies, please be wary of your Internet connection stopping or running out of quota if left uploading X-Rays unattended.

Submit X-Rays Online

Windows 7 or higher with Microsoft .NET ClickOnce is required for X-Ray Submission.

If you are using Asteris Keystone at your veterinary practice you may skip this step and allow Magic Millions access to your study directly from your Asteris Clinic management software.  For further information please contact Asteris about using this feature.

NOTE: A manual processing fees of $50 per study applies if Magic Millions uploads studies on your behalf from a USB device.

To submit a study via a USB Stick or USB Hard Drive please place each study in it’s own folder/directory named as per the accession number labelling eg: x:\18GPR-0005, x:\18GPT-0012 etc..  assuming X: is the letter of the USB device.

Send your media into this addresses and include a return address and contact number.

Please include a completed copy of our Repository Lodgement Check  In Form it will assist us in uploading.  Please include the cheque payable to Magic Millions Sales Pty Ltd for processing uploads at $50 per study.

Kylie Adair
Magic Millions
PO Box 5246


It is important to label your study as accurately and completely as possible.  When submitting a set of x-rays please be sure to complete the following in your software.

Accession Number – A combination of the sale code and the lot number in 4 digit format as per the following examples.

Example: 18GPR-0012

Example: 18GPR-0123

Example: 18GPT-1234

Patient Name if named – Horse’s Name followed by apostrophe and the Year of Birth (YOB)

Example: Atlantic Jewel’08

Patient Name if unnamed – Horse’s Dam Name follow by an underscore then Horse’s Sire Name followed by apostrophe and the Year of Birth (YOB)

Example: Regard_FastnetRock’08

Patient ID – The microchip number of the horse

Example: 985100010251805

The name of the veterinarian or clinic, date, sex and brands (where Microchip unavailable) are also required in the study however no specific format is defined.


Please export your studies without burnt in overlays on images.  Our DICOM viewing software has the option toggle the most relevant tags on/off when viewing.  In addition there is a button to view all tags.

Surgery Reports

If a surgery report is submitted it must be in PDF format, please email surgery reports to [email protected] or submit online and notify repository staff.  They should be submitted along with the X-Rays where possible and at least 4 days prior to the start of the sale.

Hanging Protocols

Our system is hanging protocol aware and can be customised depending on how effectively the anatomy of the horse can identified during uploading of the study.  If you want the viewing vet to be able to adjust the hanging protocol used we recommend you upload your study and match any images which can’t be automatically identified.

Uploading your own studies online allows the submitting vet full control over the process and more accuracy as the automatic options do not always match perfectly.

If you have an X-Ray machine that is new to market or recently updated please encourage your machine vendor to contact Asteris so they can work with the vendor to automate the hanging protocol detection system in their software.  It is advisable to submit a sample set of X-Rays before a sale to help eliminate potential problems.

Software Updates

The software used for remote viewing and submitting a study online is self-updating and will update when started if an Internet connection is available.