Unlike many international jurisdictions where racing a horse is limited to the elite, horse ownership in Australia is very achievable at all levels of investment. One of the main reasons for this is the large selection of professional syndicators based in most states of Australia.

Syndicators are an important part of ownership for many individuals racing horses in Australia and they are an important part of Magic Millions’ operations. They allow you to purchase as little as a 1% share in a horse and manage the whole process for you – from the paperwork to the liaison with the trainer as well as bringing together groups of people to enjoy the fun of racing a horse.

There are strict rules governing the conduct of syndicators and as such each Principal Racing Authority (PRA) in Australia has a register of approved promoters.  For a syndicator to advertise shares for sale in a horse, they must first have a product disclosure statement produced and approved by the PRA in the state the horse is to be trained. The product disclosure statement will provide you with valuable information for you to make an informed decision on your investment in owning a racehorse and the future costs involved.

For further information on approved syndicators, please contact the relevant PRA in your area below.

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